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Boost your brand

Bring Your Brand to Life with a Private Label Tequila

A woman bottling a tequila private brand at Tequila Spirits Mexico distillery

The Legal Side of Creating a Tequila White Label

Starting a new product, particularly in the realm of Mexican spirits, can seem complex, with legal regulations, property rights, large-scale production, quality control, and export procedures to consider.

Our Private Label Tequila Program provides complete solutions for developing your luxury brand, step by step, with a personalized touch throughout the entire process.

Transforming Visions into Distilled Perfection

While you retain full control of your brand-making journey, we contribute by offering state-of-the-art production facilities, personalized packaging materials, and our passionate commitment to ensuring the highest quality for your 100% customized white tequila label ready for export worldwide.

Let us be your guide on this unforgettable journey, where your brand’s aspiration meets real-world success. Elevate your brand to the pinnacle with our tequila private label program.

Refine your Private Label Tequila to perfection with Tequila & Spirits Mexico. When looking for creating your own Tequila, Mezcal or Ready To Drink Private Label 100% customized, our complete solutions program is your best plan of action.

Private Label Tequila: End-to-End Support

Welcome to our Tequila & Mezcal Private Label Program, where you can put your brand on the top shelf by creating your own tequila private label. Our program empowers you to embark on an exciting business opportunity while manifesting your brand’s unique personality.

As a private white label tequila manufacturer, we offer complete solutions and personal attention that make producing your Mexican Agave Spirits a cost-effective venture without the need for heavy investments in new facilities. You control the final product cost, and we respond swiftly to your production needs, ensuring your product aligns with your consumers’ demands.

Whether your brand is a budding concept or already established in sectors like hospitality, gastronomy, nightlife, spirits trading, or distribution, let it shine with a premium product that echoes your distinct signature.

Detail of mezcal bottles being packed at Tequila Spirits Mexico, creating a Mezcal Private Brand.


Start your Tequila Private Label Today!

Get your Private Label AGAVE SPIRITS


Step 1


Create an exclusive flavor for your palate in a tasting session beside our exceptional Master Distillers, who have created a premium award-winning range of Tequila and Mezcal with the utmost quality and complexity.

Your customized taste, along with a bottle, label and cap, personally designed-by-you, becomes your unique signature while we ensure the highest quality in every detail for your private label tequila.

Step 2


Our expert team will guide you in the trademark procedures in your country when creating a white label tequila.

We manage the full procedures in the Mexican Regulatory Councils, so your new brand gets the usage rights of ‘Tequila’ word, protected by the Mexican government. We also make sure to meet all regulations related to label information.

Step 3


Welcome to your distillery!

From liquid production to bottling and labeling, our program includes all the facilities to manufacture any quantity of your preferred Mexican spirits, as well as premium packaging materials.

Your visit at our distillery when your tequila private label bottling begins is a must to approve and sign your very first bottle and guarantee top-quality standards.

Step 3


Once your Tequila, Mezcal or Ready to Drink is ready in our distillery, we support you with export advising and providing the necessary shipping documents, so your product reaches your target market.

Looking for other options for your Private Label ?

Create a Private Label Mezcal

Craft your very own, 100% customized Mezcal brand, hailing from the heart of traditional Oaxaca.

Create a Private Label Cocktail

Unlock a budget-friendly solution for the seamless production of your Tequila or Mezcal cocktails, expertly canned and ready to drink.

complete solutions

our services

Our expert team partner with you through the process of creating your private label tequila providing all the possibilities, with a very personal attention and a wide variety of services to make your ideas come true.

branding and packaging design

Our marketing experts specialize in Agave Spirits branding and design that reflects your personality, creating an identity for your Tequila brand that’s as unique as you are.

legal procedures

We provide invaluable support throughout the entire legal process to make your own tequila or mezcal, from registering your new brand in your country to meeting label and packaging requirements. We also assist with brand registration in Mexico and securing the usage rights for the words “Tequila.”

export and import advising

Our team offers guidance throughout the ‘door-to-door’ process, ensuring your Tequila reaches your target market in a cost-effective and efficient manner, whether domestically or internationally.


With extensive experience in distilling agave and access to an expert formulation laboratory, we’re equipped to adapt to every market’s needs, ensuring that your Tequila meets the highest quality standards.



Why Choose Us?

We aren't just tequila manufacturers; we're your strategic business partners, offering the essential facilities for you to customize your brand. Our competitive pricing and unwavering commitment to quality come with a day-to-day follow-up, ensuring your project's success from start to finish.

A Very Personal Attention

Our experts in the Mexican Spirits Industry are devoted to guiding you through the process of creating your agave spirits brand. We take a personalized approach, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Outstanding Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From the selection of first-class agave to our artisanal distillation methods and the choice of premium packaging materials, our focus is on delivering premium quality products.

Competitive Pricing

With us, you'll find no hidden fees for facilities, legal procedures, salaries, or supplies transportation. You only pay for your finished product at a profitable cost for your business.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Rest assured, your product will come with all the necessary legal documents certifying its origin and authenticity.

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Services - tequila_and_spirits_mexico-tequila-mezcal-ready_to_drink-bulk-private_brands-private_labels-mexican_spirits-why_choosing_us-2.1


we make it for you


premium award-winning quality

Our experienced Master Distillers have created a wide range of premium award-winning Tequila and Mezcal profiles with the utmost quality and complexity.

Start your own private label tequila using a combination of these premium profiles, working along with our Master Distillers assuring a superior quality product for your brand.